BOB is a framework system developed by us which eases web application development, allow fast and parallel construction of complex applications, fexible further improvements and efficient long time maintenance.

It was developed mainly beacause of easing of development and saját fejlesztéseink egységesítése but found to be useful for implementing own projects by several independent developer teams.

You can develop several independent application and run them at the same time. System or application related modules can be activated for accounts or other applications freely. User profiles have their own configurations, right managements and databases. It is platform independent on the user side (tested on mostly used browsers). On the server side it is linux based. It can be operate on iternet, intranet, externet or without network on a virtual machine.

The speed of development is further increased by the tools we developed for the recomended program editor, a ready-to-use virtual machine capable of networkless development, naming and developing conventions, self maintained version tracking system, BOB wiki, etc.

We offer a 120 hour course to geting know the framework and learn to use it.

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