Our company actively use and support the Request Tracker (RT) ticketing system. This is an open source ticketing system with wich the support team - independently of the company profile - can easily and efficiently handle the requests, questios, error or problem reports sent by customers or users.

The development was started at 1996 and since then ten thousands of support teams, IT managers, developers and marketing persons uses it. With this high level and flexible application an organisation can easily handle its clients.

Managers of the RT system can easily priorize tasks, make responsibilities. The system automatically sends out notifications of events to the related people.

It can be a solution for internal task management or inspection or communication with partners, managging clients.

Events of a process can be reviewed at any time. RT can handle any type of process from purchasing to house building and erro handling.

Every process can have several phases and events. The system has advanced right management. You can grant rights on several levels as user defined groups, system wild groups, queues, roles individual users and more.

One of the strengths of RT is the search system. You can filter the search result with several options and save them for later use. Result of a saved search can put on the 'welcome screen', loaded and edited at any time. You can display tickets visually by several type of connectivity, showing their status, state and many more.