We can create self updateable webpages upon request. We plan the design, discuss it about the customer and make the whole webpage accordingly.

With our content management system the customer is able to customize menus and fill the contents of the page it refers to. The available functions of the content management system was designed to fullfill the needs of an average smal or medium sized company. The system can be expanded with special needs that can be integrated to maintained websites (eg: property or used car seller)

With the base system you can build a website with:

Usability, compatibility

The designed websites have nearly exact appearance on frequently used browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) At design time we test pages for every browser on the current version and on one version before the current. Maintenance can incude monitoring browser tendencies and making changes for new or newer version of browsers.

Other properties of the pages, clean access

While keeping the standards (XHTML, CSS) and recommendations (W3C?) - which is necessary for the nearly exact and always right appearance on frequently used browsers - we also pay attention to semantic and clean access design. This is also necessary to have a good rating on search engines (like google), accessible information by everyone (eg: readers from PDA, blinds, color blinds, weak sights) and also eases the cahge of company design (which may occure a few years later).

The key for the security of updating the webpage is that the updater module runs on a separate machine from the main website and that the update procedure uses secured connection. When publishing, the content management system generates static html pages and uploads it to the web server. Because the generated webpage didn't contain any code which may needs to be run, this method provides the highest security available for webpages.